St James Players
Peterboroughs Premier Theater Company


So you want to audition for one of our shows? That's Great! Here are some tips to help ensure you are prepared!

1. Show up on time!

Before each shows auditions we will post the date and times on the website and on Facebook. Make sure you're there early as it's first-come first-serve and it usually fills up quickly. (so the earlier you arrive the earlier you audition!)
If you would prefer to be emailed when auditions are happening Join our auditions list!

2. Fill out your form and wait for your time

We need some basic info from you such as, availability and past experience. Experience is a plus but definitely not necessary so don't worry if its your first time! (While you're waiting feel free to find a quiet spot to practice your song!)

3. Come prepared to sing a musical theater song that really shows off your skills!

No pop songs! They don't show off your musical theater voice! If you need some ideas, check out some of our previous shows

4. Bring either sheet music, your own device that has a karaoke track, or just sing accapella!

You can prepare your own mologoue too but it's not required.
Be prepared to sing, read and dance on audition day.
You'll be notified shortly after auditions have ended if you've recieved a role or if you're needed for callbacks.

5. Wear comfortable clothing!

You will likely be asked to learn/perform a simple dance number, just so we can see where your skills are at!